Casino brawl caught on video: NYC casino overrun by dozens of punks in big brawl

A third, unnamed man was arrested as well.

Adds the NY Daily News: The dining area at the Vegas-style gambling hall was left in tatters from the ruckus, which went on for several minutes as melees and score-settling erupted in pockets throughout the food court.

In light of the casino brawl, additional security is being added.

A casino spokesman said, The safety of our patrons is Resorts World’s top priority, and there is absolutely no room for this kind of behavior at our facility. One witness told CNN affiliate WCBS the scene was chaotic and compared it to a World Wrestling Entertainment event.

Video captured the men grabbing onto anything they could even gold stanchions used to form the lines and whipping them around like mini battering rams. All bets were off during the opening night of a Fat Tuesday daiquiri bar and restaurant, located within the Resorts World Casino in Queens. We are reviewing all aspects of this unfortunate event and are fully committed to taking steps to ensure similar acts do not take place ever again.. In the end, three were arrested and thousands of dollars in damage was done.

A casino brawl in NYC? Casino opponents generally have a number of grievances, but a brawl busting out in the middle of the gambling floors food court is usually not one of them. No one was seriously hurt; four casino security guards suffered bumps and bruises while trying to disperse the ruckus.

It looks like 15 to 20 people were actually fighting amongst 300 to 400 patrons who were terrified and trying to get out of the way, a Queens police officer said, adding that a lot of gang members were involved.

Identified in the police affidavit were Andre Rivers, 23, of Brooklyn, and Jovan Bovell, 23, of South Ozone Park. Both men were charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. Friday night as they waited in long lines to get into the New Orleans-style restaurant, which was offering drink specials for their grand opening.

Writes CNN: The fight took place in the food court area of Resorts World Casino where approximately 300 people were still at the scene when police arrived, according to the New York Police Department. The evening was marred by hooligans throwing punches along with tables, chairs and anything else the men could get their hands on.

The chair-hurling brawl involved approximately two dozen individuals who started fighting around 10:00 p.m