Boys Who Want to Read Like Middle Schoolers

Other superheros have come in other forms, such as the lunch ladies behind the cafeteria counter. It is still an enjoyable read, especially for middle schoolers who can relate to the main character Greg Heffley’s adjustment to school or anyone who wants a fun perspective of school and family life. Easy reading for middle school interests, this nine-book series even earns high reviews from other parents of struggling readers.. Krosoczka created The Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute and has a complete series. Visual readers who enjoy comics are likely fans of graphic novels. Jarrett J. This books with a second grade readability is still popular up to fifth grade.

The Bone series by Jeff Smith is another example of graphic novel that entice struggling readers who want to read within their interest level. These full-length novels are complete stories that are illustrated in which the pictures are important to the telling of the story.

The Diary of a Wimpy Kid series does not necessarily fall under the graphic novel category, but its illustrated format does not automatically categorize it with regular novels. The same is true for James Patterson’s Middle School or I Funny series. Characters deal with middle school topics but the reading level is lower, around fourth grade.

Superhero comics such as Marvel Comics have created hardcover stories to read out to this kind of audience